Too Far to Walk

This is a piece I wrote for a play that never happened… inspired by the sad story of two young orphan sisters, separated by the system in the 1950s and each told they never had a sister… until at last someone believed them and they were reunited in the...

John G Smith Band

You can watch our gig at the Richmond Theatre here. John G Smith – Piano, Vocal James Graydon – Guitar, vocal Zoltan Dekany – Bass Dave Elliott – Drums Andy Panayi – Sax, Flute

John G Smith Trio

You can watch our debut gig at the Marlowe Theatre, Canterbury. John G Smith – Piano, vocals James Graydon – Guitar, vocals Zoltan Dekany – Bass


Lola and Virginia are two schoolgirls who are completely different in every way. Virginia is rich, vain, popular with boys, and a terrible snob. Lola is the opposite of all those things, with hilarious consequences. “I tried quite a few ideas for the title tune,...