John composed and produced the entire score, including title song, for this 52-episode series, produced by Imira Productions in collaboration with Disney Channel.

‘We’re definitely keeping you in mind for future work. We’ve enjoyed working with you on Lucky Fred immensely.’ (Director of Original Series, Disney Channels Europe)

This series of 52 episodes (around 11 mins each) was commissioned by Myriam Ballesteros at Imira, in co-production with Disney Channel. The Disney guys were very demanding at every stage of the process, but they really know what they are doing, and the end result is very satisfying.

The music brief on the title song was to go American punk, ie Green Day, Bowling for Soup, Presidents of the United States of America, etc. For this I booked a great band and got MiG Ayesa to do the vocals. MiG actually recorded himself in a hotel room in LA and sent his performance by Dropbox!

For the incidental music, we needed more variation in style, and I found different solutions for the many characters and situations that arose. Fred has a friendly acoustic guitar riff, Brains has her secret agent theme (the spirit of John Barry lives on), and the aliens usually have intense orchestral workouts (in space, you can’t do without maniacal strings, threatening French horns, and angry percussion).

I’ve taken a few extracts (with permission) to illustrate some of the ways in which music was used in the series.